Adopt a Steer Program

For those advance planners interested in one-half or whole sides of registered Angus beef that want to share in the Cowboy Experience, we offer the opportunity to select from our herd, new born calves scheduled to enter our beef production platform.

This is a fun experience offering individual and families an insight into behind the scenes of a true working cattle ranch. 

Prior to weaning, customers may select a calf from the herd.  Sire and dam genetics for each calf can be made available for customer consideration.  A $ 250.00 deposit would be required at time of selection which is applied towards the final purchase price.

Pleasant Grove Farms will provide routine care and feed regiment until delivery for processing. Routine care shall consist or seasonal vaccinations, worming and fly control measures.  Customers then pay Pleasant Grove Farms $ 150.00 per month, as a lay away contribution to be applied towards the final purchase price.   

Customer shall then select the processing date and Pleasant Grove Farms shall initiate the finishing process for two months leading up to harvest.

At harvest, Pleasant Grove Farms will schedule on behalf of the customer meat processing.  Transportation to processor is included.  Customer then selects all meat cuts directly with USDA processor to whom direct payment will be made.  Customer will be responsible for pick up, or Pleasant Grove Farms can arrange for pick-up and delivery for $75.00.

Once a steer is adopted, customers may call ahead and schedule a time to visit.  This allows you to check the progress and growth of the animal while learning in person the cultivation process. 

This experience will only further your knowledge of the effort and care that goes into the Pleasant Grove Farms approach to our Registered Black Angus beef while gaining a greater appreciation as to the quality of the meat on your table.